Neurodynamics and Pain: Examination and Treatment

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Regis Turocy
71 minutes
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Neurodynamics and Pain: Examination and Treatment provides a comprehensive overview of the clinical application of the physiology and mechanics of the nervous system of the human body, specifically as they relate to each other and are integrated with the musculoskeletal system. Offering almost four hours of information and insights, this two-disc set explains how adverse neuromechanics can play a role in both pain and dysfunction. The DVD also details several examination strategies and tension-testing techniques for evaluating the body`s neurological system.

Among the topics covered:

• Neural tension vs neurodynamics
• Dynamic nervous system
• Functions of neural structures
• Abnormal impulse-generating sites
• Movement of neural structure
• Clinical neurodynamics
• Sensitizing movements
• Essential of neurodynamic testing
And many more...