New Technology Challenges the “Inevitability” of Osteoporosis

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Jason Conviser, John Jaquish
87 minutes
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New Technology Challenges the “Inevitability” of Osteoporosis presents a compelling overview of the issue of osteoporosis and explains what the medical wellness community could do to potentially prevent this crippling bone disease from afflicting millions of individuals worldwide annually. The DVD details key perspectives on bone health, including outlining both the risk factors for osteoporosis and the traditional industry responses to this condition. The DVD also points out how a new technology provides a possible solution to the issue of osteoporosis. In addition, the DVD reviews why this new technology offers noteworthy opportunities for both health/fitness clubs and medical wellness facilities.

Among the topics covered: 

• What is osteoporosis? 
• Global impact of osteoporosis 
• Total body bone mineral content: adjusted by age 
• What are the medical/pharmacological/fitness industries doing to prevent and delay the onset of osteoporosis?
• Prevention and treatment for those who have bone disease 
• The science of bioDensityTM 
• DXA case report: pre-bioDensity exposure 
• Data-driven success 
• Opportunity