Nutrition and Metabolism in Individuals With Special Needs

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Kathleen Woolf, Adrienne McNamara, Leslie Consitt, Melanie Hingle, Nancy DiMarco, Stella Volpe
40 minutes
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The (6) presentations from the Featured Science Session at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting that explore key issues involving nutrition and metabolism in individuals with special needs are included on a single DVD. Over two hours of authoritative information and insights, featuring:

• Introduction (Stella L. Volpe)
• Nutrition and Exercise in the Disease State: What Animal Models Can Teach Us (Nancy M. DiMarco)
• Nutrient-Bone Associations in Healthy Postmenopausal Women: Results From the Bone Estrogen Strength Training (BEST) Study (Melanie D. Hingle, et al.)
• Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training Insulin Action in Young and Aged Individuals (Leslie A. Consitt, et al.)
• Translating Better Bones and Balance Into the Community Setting: Are Benefits to Bone Observed? (Adrienne McNamara/Kathy B. Gunter)
• Nutrition/Health Concerns of the Older Active Adult With Chronic Disease (Kathleen Woolf)