Partner Yoga

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Wendy O`Lenic
42 minutes
Partnering with someone during yoga practice can introduce individuals to a number of newways to expand their mind and body. Doubles yoga is about making contact for physical,emotional, and spiritual growth. In reality, all things are interdependent, including touch andintimacy, which are basic human needs. Partner Yoga details the benefits of partner work andexplores the endless possibilities of partnering to enhance the stretch. Because fear and pain aretwo of life`s greatest teachers, the DVD explains how individuals can develop "trust" with theirpartner to increase their body`s limits, given that partnership is based on trust andcommunication. The DVD is an exceptional instructional resource that emphasizes that breath islife and that fun, laughter, and play are life`s fountain of youth.

Among the topics covered:
  • Understanding the basics
  • Opening circle
  • Standing work
  • Floor work