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Partners in Health: Compelling Strategies for Corporate Wellness

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Christine Thalwitz
82 minutes
Partners in Health: CompellingStrategies for Corporate Wellness shares innovative ideas andinsights about how health/fitness clubs can successfully get intocorporate wellness. The DVD walks through the life cycle of a corporatewellness program-from its launch to the development of strategies forthe program to how these strategies are actually implemented. The DVDdetails how clubs can tinker their approach to developing a corporatewellness program to a specific company. The DVD also offers specifictools that clubs can put into their toolbox to apply to their specificcommunities.

Among topics covered:
  • Why corporate wellness?
  • Models of corporate wellness
  • Getting your foot in the door
  • Partners in health
  • Winning strategy
  • On-site toolbox
  • Off-site toolbox
  • Our-site toolbox