Preventing Anabolic Steroid Use

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Linn Goldberg
65 minutes
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Preventing Anabolic Steroid Use explains the risk and protective factors related to use of anabolic steroids and other substance abuse by adolescent athletes. The DVD also describes the new science-based and gender-specific prevention programs, ATLAS (Athletic Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids) for adolescent male athletes and ATHENA (Athletes Targeting Health Promotion and Nutrition Alternatives) for adolescent females. The DVD details how these award-winning, state-of-the-art prevention programs use the sports team and peer teaching to effectively reduce substance use among young athletes.

Among the topics covered:
  • What does not work?
  • Social processes and behavior
  • Theoretical models
  • Athletes training and learning to avoid steroids (ATLAS)
  • Atlas program results
  • Athletes targeting healthy exercise and nutrition alternatives (ATHENA)
  • Drug prevention and sports: what we know