Providing Dental Coverage at Athletic Events-Be Prepared

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Paul A. Nativi, Anthony Breitbach
58 minutes
Providing dental coverage at athletic events and tournaments is often not a consideration when planning the event-that is, until after a significant oral or facial injury occurs. Providing Dental Coverage at Athletic Events-Be Prepared details scenarios where athletic trainers and dentists worked together to plan dental coverage for athletic participation and events. The DVD features examples of specific cases where emergency dental treatment was administered, which resulted in positive outcomes. The DVD discusses general principles in the management of sports-related dental injuries and emergency treatment of these injuries onsite, as well as looks at preventing such injuries through proper fitting.

Among the topics covered:

• Dental coverage for athletics
• Management of dental injuries-case studies
• Potential for severe dental damage
• Prevention of dental injuries
• The most effective mouth guard
• Three mouth guard types
• Establishing the extension of the mouth guard