Puppet Making With Children

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Karen Whiting, Rebecca White
250 minutes
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Puppet Making With Children explains how with a little bit of creativity, scraps and inanimate objects can be transformed into puppets. To a degree, the number of possible puppets that can be made is virtually endless. In that regard, the DVD explains and illustrates several examples, including folded paper puppets that can be made in seconds, box and paper bag puppets that have pizzazz, puppets with drawsting mouths made from old dusters and back scratchers, and fabric puppets made from felt, car mitts, and other relatively simple materials. The DVD also discusses how to use simple and complex props to add color and style to shows.

Among the topics covered: 

• Mitt puppet 
• Moveable mouth finger puppets 
• Paper plate puppets 
• 3-D paper bag puppets 
• Box puppets 
• Scrungee drawstring mouth puppets 
• Platform puppets 
• Silicone pot holder puppets 
• More ideas 
• Props 
• Folded paper puppets