Ready or Not EMV is Coming: Will Your Club Be Protected From Risk & Fraud?

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Gina Casagrande, Dominic Genzano, Benjamin Kauder, Steve Pinado, Steven Velasquez
56 minutes
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Ready or Not EMV is Coming: Will Your Club Be Protected From Risk & Fraud? presents an overview of the new payment card standards that will soon begin to reshape how most customers pay for products and services. The DVD looks at how EMV will affect a health/ fitness club and points out what a facility needs to invest in to protect its business. Featuring insights from a panel of experts, the DVD explores the impact that EMV may have on a club's point-of-sale and e-commerce systems, as well as its hardware and websites. The DVD also discusses data security and best practices with regard to EMV. Finally, the DVD reviews how EMV affects club management software and what a facility needs to do to be compliant.

Among the topics covered: 

• What is EMV? 
• Why should you care? 
• Practical implications in your business 
• What are some of the things that will affect cardholders/consumers in an EMV world? 
• Are there any security risks with EMV? 
• What is the difference between EMV capable and EMV ready? 
• Why are there bigger security breaches than ever? 
• What questions should I be asking my software provider? 
• Where do most breaches come from? 
• What happens if there's a breach? 
• Protection