Recognition, Prevention & Care of Overuse Cycling Injuries

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Randy Schmitz
45 minutes
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Recognition, Prevention & Care of Overuse Cycling Injuries examines the fact that due to the repetitive nature that is inherent in their activity, cyclists can be predisposed to conditions of chronic musculoskeletal injury. The DVD looks at the epidemiology of chronic cycling injuries, as well as details the internal and external factors that predispose cyclists to chronic injury. The DVD also discusses the basic elements involved in bike fit mechanics, information that is designed to help aid in the care and prevention of chronic cycling injuries.

Among the topics covered:

• Epidemiology
• Etiology of overuse injuries
• Etiology: low back pain
• Etiology: knee pain
• Etiology: foot pain
• Etiology: neurological and neurovascular injuries
• The importance of fit
• Other interventions: orthotics
• Case studies