Resistance Training in Cancer Survivors

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Kathleen Y. Wolin, Kathryn H. Schmitz
67 minutes
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Resistance Training in Cancer Survivors provides an overview of the negative side effects that can be associated with muscle physiology that are attendant to the treatment of specific kinds of cancer-head and neck, pediatric (leukemia), prostate, and breast. Featuring a Tutorial Lecture at the 2009 ACSM annual meeting, the DVD reviews the current literature concerning the use of resistance training as part of the treatment regimen for cancer survivors. In that regard, the DVD outlines the common challenges that these studies encountered, as well as the benefits of having cancer survivors engage in a progressive resistance-training program.

• Introduction (Kathleen Y. Wolin)
• Common Challenges (Kathleen Y. Wolin)
• The Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment (Kathryn H. Schmitz)
• Baseline Lymphedema Characteristics (Kathryn H. Schmitz)
• Questions & Answers