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Russian Vibration Training: The Mikheev MethodÌ¢‰â‰ÛÏVibration Programming and Prescriptions

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Timothy M. Dornemann and Alexander Mikheev
113 pages

Vibrational training offers improvements in range of motion, as well as neuromuscular improvements, without the impacts associated with Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, and running. Russian Vibration Training: The Mikheev Method presents the insights of over four decades of Soviet research and application of whole body vibration (WBV)-information which has previously not been available to the Western world. Timothy Dornemann discusses Alexander Mikheev's work as both a scientific researcher and a coach in the Soviet sport system. The book summarizes and explains how to effectively utilize and put Mikheev's vibration training methods into practice and includes sample programming and explanations of vibration exercises, complete with useful illustrations.