Sex Differences in Human Thermoregulation: Implications for Athletes, Researchers, and Clinicians

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Nina S. Stachenfeld
57 minutes
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Sex Differences in Human Thermoregulation: Implications for Athletes,Researchers, and Clinicians provides a detailed overview of the complexchemical and physical process that takes place during thermoregulation.The DVD looks at what sex differences exist in the thermoregulatoryresponse to either heat or cold, particularly on thirst. In thisregard, the DVD also examines whether the responses that occur duringexercise are due to the basic physiological differences between the waythat women and men respond to exercise or to change in ambienttemperature. In addition, the DVD discusses whether these differencescan be attributed to anthropometrical factors (such as body size,shape, and composition) or to gender-related differences inreproductive hormone levels. The DVD also reviews whether the sexdifferences in human thermoregulation have an impact on overallfunctional performance.

• Review of thermoregulation
• Sex hormones and thermoregulation
• Sex differences
• Sex differences in thermoregulation: research considerations
• Clinical implications