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Shaping the Industry: An In-Depth Exploration on Member Behavior

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Phil Bonomo, Mike Hills
35 minutes
Shaping the Industry: An In-Depth Exploration on Member Behavior reviews where health/fitness club members come from, where they go when they leave, and what matters to them in between. The DVD examines whether group exercise really impacts member retention, as well as whether clubs have been neglecting the “many” while focusing on the physically active “few.” The DVD also discusses what members actually think about the email, SMS, and social media messages that facilities send them. In addition, the DVD points out why Net Promoter Scores can be a vital tool in winning the retention battle. Finally, the DVD explores the interaction between member motivation, fitness staff interactions, and retention levels.

Among the topics covered: 

• Net Promoter Score®
• Making friends
• Motivation
• Group exercise 
• Don't hassle me 
• Conversing with members 
• Talk talk talk