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Should Fitness Be Part of the Healthcare Continuum?

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Jason Conviser
102 minutes
Should Fitness Be Part of the Healthcare Continuum? examines why the entire health/fitness clubindustry should evolve from a limiting membership-based business to an unlimited program- andservice-based business. The DVD explains why one of the critical keys to this process is to havehealth/fitness professionals adjust their often narrowly focused thinking about fitness centers asplaces that have exercise equipment (treadmills, cycles, etc.), exercise areas (pools, courts, workoutrooms, etc.), and related staff to centers that can help prevent, control, and reverse both diseaseand selected medical conditions through individually prescribed and outcome-monitoredprograms and services.

Among the topics covered:
  • Factors responsible for the paradigm shift from illness care to healthcare
  • Target markets
  • Health club/healthcare marketing strategy