Social Media & New Marketing Technologies

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Bill McBride
68 minutes
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Social Media & New Marketing Technologies offers information and insights on how health/fitness facilities can develop a social media strategy that enables them to connect with their existing members, attract prospective members, and track these interactions as leads and sales for their business. The DVD looks at several of the most popular social media platforms (e.g., Twitter™, Linkedin®, Facebook®, Foursquare®, Pintrerest®, etc.) and points out the opportunities as well as the challenges that exist for leveraging this particular marketing channel. The DVD also discusses how clubs can use social media to increase their level of membership.

Among the topics covered:
  • Trending
  • Why group ex?
  • Social media
  • Lead generation & retention
  • Digital Technology
  • Club One Fitness Mobile app: keep members connected from mobile devices
  • New Club One Fitness website
  • Facebook: our main social media channel
  • Youtubeâ„¢: increase SEO, retention, & engagement
  • Zuberanceâ„¢
  • Online group purchasing
  • Other uses of new marketing technology: direct mail using Advercorâ„¢