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Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention: Successes and Challenges

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Sandra J. Shultz, Scott McLean, Lindsay J. Distefano
49 minutes
Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention: Successes and Challenges provides an overview of current approaches to ACL injury prevention, the extent to which they are effective in mitigating risk, and important unknowns that can preclude progress in those efforts. The DVD looks at ACL injury risk screening and prevention models that consider and potentially cater to readily measurable lower limb morphologic factors. The DVD also discusses a more holistic understanding of ACL injury causality and the subsequent potential for targeting and combating individual-specific injury risk in the future. In addition, the DVD explains how to modify a traditional ACL injury prevention program for specific high-risk sports, such as soccer and basketball.

Among the topics covered:

• Efficacy of Current Prevention Strategies in Decreasing Injury Vulnerability (Sandra J. Shultz)
• Preventing What We Don't Know: Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Risk Factors (Scott McLean)
• Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention: Special Considerations for Age and Sport (Lindsay J. DiStefano)