Strength-Ball Training

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Lorne Goldenberg
108 minutes
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Balance is foundational to all training, and yet is often overlooked. Strength-Ball Training is designed to complement the world's best-selling stability ball book Strength-Ball Training. The DVD covers many of the theoretical concepts of segmental spinal stability, as well as why it needs to be addressed in conditioning programs. The DVD explains why the strength ball provides an excellent exercise platform that can be used in all phases of training to enhance stability and strength. The DVD also reviews research that details viewpoints for and against strength-ball training. In addition, the DVD offers practical methods for integrating Swiss-ball exercise into exercise programs.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Science for and against
  • Defining the core
  • Biomechanics and the ball
  • Proper exercise progressions
  • Innovative exercises
 Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.