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Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Can We Make a Difference?

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Jonathan A. Drezner
305 minutes
Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Can We Make a Difference?presents an overview ofseveral of the underlying factors attendant to this emergency event. The DVD details thetenets of preparticipation screening and explores how the information obtained from thisevaluation should apply to return-to-play decisions. The DVD also looks at the issue ofwhether physicians should perform and have the requisite training to conduct ECGscreening in athletes. In addition, the DVD makes the point that the current model ofscreening athletes is adequate to fulfill the primary objective of screening.

Among the topics covered:
  • SCD incidence: understanding the variables
  • Tenets of preparticipation screening
  • Summit on ECG interpretation in athletes
  • Comparing false-positive rates
  • Return to play? Athletes with congenital long QT syndrome
  • Outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest in U.S. high schools: a prospective study from the national registry for AED use in sports
  • ECG screening?