Tendinopathy in Athletes: An Evidence-Based Review

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Jason E. Bennett, Mark F. Reinking, L. Tyler Wadsworth
51 minutes
Tendinopathy in Athletes: An Evidence-Based Review looks at the inherent challenges of dealing with tendon pain in athletes. The DVD reviews evidence regarding tissue changes associated with the painful tendon and links those changes with treatment approaches. The DVD also details risk factors associated with the development of tendon pain in athletes in the context of screening and prevention. In addition, the DVD discusses supporting evidence concerning contemporary approaches to the treatment of tendon pain in athletes, including pharmaceutical and rehabilitation strategies.

Among the topics covered:

• Tendinopathy: An Evidence-Based Review (Mark F. Reinking)
• Modifiable Risk Factors for the Development of Tendon Pain (Jason E. Bennett)
• Emerging Treatments for the Painful Tendon (L. Tyler Wadsworth)