The Effectiveness of Humor in Leadership Roles

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Rose DuBois
49 minutes
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Humor isn't about the art of telling a good joke. Rather, it involves relating to something that individuals already have inside themselves-a sense of laughter. Humor is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy and balanced life, yet is often mistaken as wasted time, lack of concentration, and lack of productivity. The DVD explains why leaders must first establish rules and expectations before incorporating humor. A leader's primary job is to help people succeed in accomplishing their goals. But if individuals aren't enjoying the process and having a positive (enjoyable) experience, their desire to succeed may be hindered. Medical research shows that people with a sense of humor live longer and earn more. The Effectiveness of Humor in Leadership Roles teaches how individuals can balance achieving goals, striving toward success, and incorporating humor as a way to keep the work environment positive and fun. Evidence exists that lends credence to the observation that people who laugh together can work longer and harder together, and be more effective in the process. The DVD explains why a positive environment creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Among the topics covered:
  • Defining humor
  • The role of leaders
  • Humor and health
  • Humor in the workplace