The Eight Essentials of Program Design

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Tony Ambler-Wright
84 minutes
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As obesity rates and the number of musculoskeletal impairments continue to rise, traditional fitness programming may not be as suitable or effective as it needs to be for the average individual. If health/fitness professionals are going to be able to develop workouts that minimize injury and maximize results, they must be knowledgeable about integrated program design strategies. Covering topics ranging from movement screening to metabolic training, The Eight Essentials of Program Design details the essential components of highly-effective fitness programming, as well as provides practical examples of how these components fit together into exercise programs.

Among Topics Covered:

• Assessment
• Flexibility/mobility training
• Core/balance/reactive training
• Speed/agility/quickness training
• Integrated resistance training
• Energy system development
• Periodization -- what's the goal?
• Recovery/regeneration