The Heritage Family Study: An Overview and Selected Results

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Jack H. Wilmore
51 minutes
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The Heritage Family Study: An Overview and Selected Resultsprovides a review of a major investigative undertaking that explored thegenetic basis (markers) of changes in risk factors for coronarydisease, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases that occur as theresult of exercise (20 weeks of aerobic endurance training). Ongoing fora number of years and featuring five of the most renowned medical andexercise science professionals in the world, the study looked at boththe familiar resemblances in the research subjects' responses totraining and the genes responsible for human variation in theseresponses to training. The DVD presents a summary of selected resultsfrom the study and offers a perspective on the possible relevance on thehealth of individuals.

Among the topics covered:

• Background information
• Study design
• Selected results