The Induction Process

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Thomas Plummer, National Fitness Business Alliance
110 minutes
One of the volumes featuring information from the renowned National Fitness Business Alliance`s two-day workshops that are designed to provide entrepreneurs with everything that they need to know to be successful in the fitness business-from a non-profit to a small training facility. The Induction Process explains how to assess potential clients (members) and get them into the system. The DVD is broken into segments so that the information is easy to apply to any business. The DVD details the steps and the process that should be undertaken during the initial hour of meeting a person and how to get that individual started.

Among the topics covered:

• How are we starting potential members now?
• What should the goals of the induction be?
• How to create a successful induction
• Risk-free trials
• Potential member
• The one-hour induction process
• The assessment sale
• The big question
• Assessment person