The Power of Medical Referrals

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Kevin D. Steele
28 minutes
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The Power of Medical Referrals discusses the magnitude of the healthcare crisis and the accompanying costs in the United States, as well as explores why this situation presents a real opportunity for the medical wellness industry. The DVD also details the underlying factors attendant to a medical referral and points out several of the keys to successfully achieving medical referrals. In addition, the DVD explains why it is beneficial for medical wellness professionals to develop and institute efforts to establish an on-going medical outreach program to interact with physicians. Finally, the DVD looks the potential financial impact of establishing medical referrals.

Among the topics covered: 

• Obesity trends among U.S. adults 
• Accountability 
• Professional guidance/motivation 
• Multi-disciplinary approach 
• What is a medical referral? 
• The medical mindset 
• Keys to medical referrals 
• On-going medical outreach 
• Keep it simple 
• How medical referrals increase your revenues