The Slouching Superhero‰Ûªs Guide to Achieving Great Posture

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Slouching is a looming catastrophe hiding in plain sight. In fact, even though there are over 50 health-related conditions related to poor posture, there is no medicine or surgery to reverse the effects of gravity and time on a person's collapsing frame.
The Slouching Superhero's Guide explores the problem of poor posture and offers a new approach to correcting this problem, one that will enable people of all ages to live with freedom that proper posture affords.
We already sit to eat. We sit to drive. We sit to watch TV and work on our laptops and workstations. All in all, technology is making it far too easy to live a sedentary lifestyle. We sit at a desk arched toward a desktop computer. We pitch our heads forward to use our phones. Kids in middle school are already hunched over their laptops to do their homework-in their lap.
In reality, current gimmicks and gadgets to correct posture are hitting the bull's-eye of the wrong target, expecting individuals to squeeze their shoulders together and think about their posture all day, or wear a device that will result in weakening our bones, which will cause more problems than we are trying to solve by wearing such a device in the first place.
That's why Arnizio Van Prescott, in the voice of "Posture Genius", Aaron Parnell, states that ." In fact, good posture is not good enough-especially not for the automated and technology-driven future that is causing people to slouch toward" good posture is what a person thinks of when their Mom says, "Sit up Straight." In response, individuals put their chest out, pull their shoulders back, hold their head up, and suck their stomach in. When she finally leaves the room, they go right back to slouching.
On the other hand, great posture is when our bones line up naturally, easily, and effortlessly for weight-bearing, leaving the muscles free to do the work of movement. Great posture enables people to be dynamic, confident, powerful, and productive.
The problem is that individuals can't get to where they want to be from where they are at the present time. As such, a person's bones are supposed to stack upright in a certain way, sitting or standing. If they aren't doing that, individuals will experience health, social, and psychological problems.
With their shoulders rounded and their head pitched forward, we individuals will eventually experience chronic neck and upper back pain, and height loss, as well as may have trouble breathing at night, or have bunions on their feet, a hunchback, or a turkey neck.
Numerous studies have shown that many of the problems that are currently associated with the aging process are actually problems compounded by poor-posture, over time. For example, low energy, sleep apnea, incontinence, constipation, high blood pressure, joint and balance problems. Even worse is, the fact that kids who are currently in middle school are more likely to experience these problems by the time they reach 40 years old.
When is somebody going to say "Stop the Madness!?!" Parnell explains that what people can do is create workouts to correct their posture imbalances, a process he refers to as "posture optimization."
The science and service of posture optimization explains how individuals can embrace the demands of using technology, without suffering the consequences of poor posture over time. In fact, posture optimization creates a future in which everyone can thrive and feel great about themselves and become productive in their work and lifestyles.
The Slouching Superhero's Guide to Achieving Great Posture details how people have the opportunity to prevent the scourge of poor posture by making posture optimization a priority. As such, the future of a healthy and productive society rests in the commitment to embrace posture optimization as a way of achieving great posture that is dynamic, effortless, and balances the ergonomic demands of work and a physically active lifestyle