The Unique and Powerful Coach/Client Relationship

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Kate Larsen
57 minutes
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Having a positive impact on their clients lives is the primarygoal of the work that many health/fitness professionalsengage in day-to-day. Wellness coaching is another servicethat health/fitness professionals can provide-one thathelps individuals create and maintain healthier lifestyle habits,while expanding their views of well-being. The Unique andPowerful Coach/Client Relationship explores the trends,distinctions, roles, methodology, and training involved forclearly determining if coaching is a role that health/fitnessprofessionals would like to play in their career.

Among the topics covered:
  • Trends in coaching
  • Current opportunities and changes
  • Six roles of the coach
  • Coaching is…
  • Methodology-the science
  • Process
  • Global coaching study
  • Resources
  • Recap
Produced in cooperation with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.