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The Way of Boys: Sports, Movement, and Competition

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Anthony Rao
84 minutes
Knowing the unique development of boys can help camp professionals better understand why athletic activities, outdoor games, competition, and physical improvement play a significant role in the camp experience for boys. The situation is further complicated by the fact that boys differ amongst themselves in temperament, which makes social relationships and competition a challenge. The Way of Boys: Sports, Movement, and Competition discusses how learning, emotion, attention, and achievement relate to physical movement and the importance of being in more natural camp settings.

Among the topics covered:

• Boys and competition: why is winning everything? 
• Boy types 
• If winning in sports is everything,what's getting sidelined? 
• Camp: essential for boys 
• The downside: competition, sports, & power 
• Bullying: competition, sports, & power 
• The social dilemma: competition,sports, & power