The Young Athlete: Challenges of Growth, Development, and Society

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Stephen Norris, John P. DiFiori, Robert M. Malina, Tom Farrey, Michael F. Bergeron
81 minutes
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The (5) presentations from the Current Issue session at the 2010 ACSMannual meeting that looked at several of the key concerns for youngathletes are included on a single DVD. Almost two full hours ofauthoritative information and insights, featuring:

• Introduction (Micahel F. Bergeron)
• Competitive Youth Sports in Society: What Obama Needs to Know to Get and Keep Kids Moving (Tom Farrey)
• Early Sport Specialization: Roots, Effectiveness, and Risks (Robert M. Malina)
• Overuse Injury of the Physis (John P. DiFiori)
• The Young Athlete Session LTAD Canada: Attempting System Change (Stephen Norris)