Training (and Retaining) Beginners

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Tom Purvis
60 minutes
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Most trainers have not been a beginner at anything for a relatively long time-especially something that they believed they would “never be good at” or “it was just not their thing.” This factor is even more relevant when the national statistics on the percentage of people who exercise on a regular basis is considered. Training (and Retaining) Beginners explains why if the goal is to get the 80% of individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle to become physically active, trainers should stop thinking like us-people who LIKE to exercise-and start thinking like those people who don't. The DVD explores the minds and bodies of non-exercisers and offers strategies concerning how trainers might best approach this population, to not only create an ideal and comfortable environment for physical change, but also to inspire them to be exercisers for life!

Among Topics Covered:

• Identifying the beginners
• Exploring the mind of the beginner
• Goals vs. Expectations
• Exploring the body of the beginner
• Factors to progress
• AROM and proportions