Treating Cervical Pain With Thoracic Mobilization

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Michael Higgins
79 minutes
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The development and use of clinical prediction rules (CPR) have been around for a number of years. More recently, the development and implementation of CPRs in the rehabilitation of spinal conditions have been used to aid in the decisionmaking process to determine what treatment technique may be the more appropriate for a certain set of directive findings. Treating Cervical Pain With Thoracic Mobilization discusses how to incorporate CPRs using thoracic spine mobilization, in the treatment of individuals with cervical pain.

Among the topics covered:

• What are clinical prediction rules?
• Classification systems
• Steps in the development of a clinical prediction rule
• Predictive power of a clinical prediction rule
• Thoracic spine mobilization
• Clinical prediction rules of cervical pain
• Upper-seated distraction thoracic spine mobilization
• Supine upper-thoracic mobilization
• Prone middle-thoracic mobilization
• Clinical prediction rules for cervical radiculopathy