Trends in Medical Nutrition-A Mystery of Nutritional Portionalities

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Eric Durak
44 minutes
Trends in Medical Nutrition-A Mystery of Nutritional Portionalities provides a comprehensive overview of several of the factors involved in medical nutrition. The DVD discusses how much is nutrition really used to ameliorate disease and health issues. The DVD also looks at the question concerning whether anything interesting and new exists concerning medical nutrition in a clinical setting. In addition, the DVD explores what is occurring with the food choices of Americans. Finally, the DVD offers tips and insights with regard to how medical wellness professionals should talk with their patients about nutrition.

Among the topics covered: 

• Medical nutrition mystery-what we're looking for? 
• What is medical nutrition? 
• Who needs medical nutrition? 
• Water-the ultimate nutrient 
• Fast food nation 
• Is there a new diet for a new America? 
• Nutrition for specific medical conditions 
• Purchasing organic foods fortherapeutics 
• My predictions from 2010 
• Talking with patients about nutrition