Unique Roles of Ultrasound in Sports Medicine

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Susan Saliba
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Ultrasound is a treatment modality with the capability to deliver thermal and non-thermal energy to musculoskeletal tissues to affect various stages of healing. A number of less utilized methods of ultrasound that are used in sports medicine also exist. Low doses of ultrasound have been approved for the treatment of delayed or non-unions, and the treatment has been suggested to benefit stress fracture healing. Ultrasound imaging has also been employed in rehabilitation, specifically as a biofeedback device for core muscle activation during therapeutic exercise. In addition, ultrasound imaging can be utilized to evaluate ligament length changes after an acute ankle sprain. Unique Roles of Ultrasound in Sports Medicine discusses the less known roles of ultrasound in the practice of sports medicine.

Among the topics covered:

• Ultrasound-history
• Ultrasound-types
• Therapeutic ultrasound
• Ultrasound and bone
• Ultrasound imaging-USI
• Bone-diagnostic
• Apparent ligament length
• Rehabilitative ultrasound imaging (RUSI or USI)
• RUSI as a biofeedback tool