Use of Technology to Promote Physical Activity and Weight Management

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Joseph Donnelly, Steven Blair, Bess Marcus, John Jakicic
32 minutes
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Use of Technology to Promote Physical Activity and Weight Managementlooks at the fact thatinactivity, making poor food choices, and increased portion sizes of food are serious problems inthe United States, particularly in the South and the East. The DVD argues that the traditionalface-to-face interventions for dealing with individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle or areobese are faced with a number of barriers that diminish these attempts. In that regard, the DVDargues that technology offers an effective means for overcoming those obstacles.

Among the topics covered:
  • Energy balance and technology for weight management (Steven N. Blair)
  • Occupational and household energy expenditure
  • Effective use of technology and alternative approaches of weight management (John M. Jakicic)
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Using technology to increase physical activity in underserved populations (Bess H. Marcus)
  • Impact of seamos activas & seamos saludables
  • Alternate delivery strategies: phone and virtual reality (Joseph E. Donnelly)
  • Virtual reality technology for research and education in obesity and diabetes