Using Brain Research to Create Worktopiaâ„¢

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Dion Klein
28 minutes
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Creating utopia in the workplace seems to be an elusive dream for many employees and employers in corporate settings across the world. Using Brain Research to Create Worktopiaâ„¢ presents an overview of an innovative cuttingedge program based on brain research-Worktopiaâ„¢. Launched in Australia in mid-2008 in response to the need reflected in Australia for an effective emotional management-training program, Worktopiaâ„¢ has assisted Australian organizations in creating visionary work settings. Featuring a breakout session at the 2009 ACSM Health & Fitness Summit, the DVD details the development and impact of the program.

Among topics covered:
  • Current Issues in Australian Workplaces
  • What Is Worktopia?
  • Mind Mechanics
  • Attitude
  • Gratitude
  • Interactions
  • Culture
  • Creating Worktopia