Utilizing Biometric Devices for Retention and Engagement

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Mike Rucker & Ryan McFadden
262 minutes
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Utilizing Biometric Devices for Retention and Engagement discusses some of thedifferent datapoints that can be obtained using biometric devices and explainshow health/fitness clubs can use this information to enhance member experiences.The DVD examines the current state of tracking devices in the industry, as well asreviews the potential importance of having and employing biometric data to affecthuman behavior. The DVD also points out the “uniqueness” of the segment of thepopulation who joins health/fitness clubs and details how biometric data can helpclub operators reach this particular group of people.

Among the topics covered:
  • Tracking devices
  • What are biometrics?
  • Mobile is taking over
  • Data for data's sake: a case study
  • What we did
  • What we found
  • Creating a case study
  • The rabbit hole