Vigorous or Moderate- Intensity Exercise? The Walking Versus Running Debate

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Barry A. Franklin, Paul T. Williams
60 minutes
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Vigorous or Moderate-Intensity Exercise? The Walking Versus Running Debatedetails theintensity levels of activity that provide the most improved fitness and the best healthoutcomes. The DVD reviews the results of several epidemiological research studies whichshow the effects of walking and running on mortality rates, physiological systems andresponses, aerobic capacity, and a broad spectrum of diseases. In that regard, the DVD looksat the minimal levels of training intensity for demonstrated improvement and discusses thepoint at which results start to plateau and decline. In addition, the DVD presents exerciseprescriptions for various fitness levels of the population.

Among the topics covered:
  • Threshold intensities: is walking a sufficient stimulus for training?
  • Fitness and mortality: implications for walk training
  • Moderate vs. vigorous exercise
  • Marathon running and immunity to heart disease
  • High-intensity exercise training/ competition: too much of a good thing?
  • Vigorous or moderate intensity exercise: the walking vs. running debate
  • Exchangeability premise
  • Running energy expenditure
  • Breast cancer
  • Incident disease vs. baseline energy expenditure
  • Mortality in heart attack survivors
  • Should we recommend walking or running?