VO2 Max and Exercise Tolerance

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Veronique Billat
57 minutes
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VO2 Max and Exercise Tolerance looks at several of the key factors involved in the association between a higher VO2 max and a longer exercise tolerance at a given absolute work rate and then to the critical speed which synthesizes the tolerance at exercise bouts lasting between 3-60 minutes. The DVD also reviews how this association could possibly be used by coaches to enhance the performance level of their athletes.

• Maximal exercise tolerance at VO2 max
• Critical speed
• Estimating maximal exercise tolerance at VO2 max
• Work rate limitation
• Empirical advances in real-life conditions and in training practices
• Racing conditions
• Anaerobic power variation
• Testing the hypothesis
• Time to fatigue
• Anaerobic capacity in hypoxia and normoxia
• Neuromuscular fatigue
• Metabolomics for integrative biology
• The future