What Every Trainer Should Know Before Going Solo

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Nicki Anderson
58 minutes
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Starting a business often exhibits a fear of failure and a sense of apprehension concerning the “what if” factor. What Every Trainer Should Know Before Going Solo details eight steps that every trainer should follow before taking the plunge into the world of business ownership. The DVD addresses the need to define the unique qualities that trainers bring to their business, the necessity of understanding the competition, the importance of customer service, and suggestions for cost-effective marketing. Too often, trainers take the leap from being a club staff member to owning their own business, they encounter forks in the road. The DVD provides trainers with the tools that can put them on the right path to a successful solo journey.

Among the topics covered:

• Are you an entrepreneur?
• It starts with a plan
• Eight key ingredients for business
• What to look out for
• Resources