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Women in Fitness-Finding the Work/Life Balance

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Nicki Anderson
75 minutes
Women in Fitness-Finding the Work/Life Balance explores the challenges andopportunities that exist for women in the fitness industry and reviews whatthose woman can do to bring about an appropriate level of parity with regard tosuccess, satisfaction, and happiness between their lives and their work efforts.The DVD also points out several myths and stereotypes that still exist concerningthe skills and capacities of women in the workplace. In addition, the DVD detailsten strategies that women can adopt to enhance their ability to achieve thedesired work/life balance.

Among the topics covered:

• Despite growth-myths still exist
• Challenges
• Think differently
• Love what you do
• Eye of the tiger
• Get out of your comfort zone
• Embrace your values
• Innovate or evaporate
• Mission and clear vision
• Be a great leader
• It's not what you know, it's who you know!
• Never accept “no” for an answer