Work Like An Athlete: Championship Training for the Fitness Business

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Jarod Cogswell
63 minutes
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Work Like An Athlete: Championship Training for the Fitness Business looks at the parallels that can be drawn between the fitness business and sport. Similar to athletics, health/fitness club owners and managers should focus on being the best in their field, as well as in their market. The DVD points out how clubs can create a game plan in order to accomplish their goals. The DVD also stresses the importance of facilities watching their scoreboard-they need to be aware of their numbers. In addition, the DVD discusses the need for clubs to work harder than their competitors and the merits of building trust and inspiring others.

Among the topics covered: 

• This is your spot
• Five steps to a successful work day
• What is a champion business athlete?
• Train like an athlete
• Game plan
• Discipline 
• Focus, intensity 
• Build trust & inspire 
• Look like a pro 
• Why do members & clients quit? 
• Key plays