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You Gotta Have Hope-You Gotta Have Cope©

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Robert Demont
62 minutes
You Gotta Have Hope-You Gotta Have Cope© discusses how not-for-profit camps can become more professional and proficient fundraisers. The DVD looks at the culture of philanthropy evaluation and explains how such a culture helped Camp Keewaydin raise $15 million during economically tough times. Employing data from COPE assessments, the DVD explores the key factors involved in creating a culture of philanthropy and details how these steps could also apply to some for-profit camps.

Among the topics covered:

• Fundraising can sustain a camp for a generation
• The deep end of philanthropy
• Four traditional criteria for campaign success
• How the Keewaydin campaign differed from 29 others surveyed in 2006
• The gift of the great recession for Keewaydin and others taking the plunge
• A strong culture of philanthropy can sustain a camp for a century
• Overall camp COPE© results